• Notebook: Page number 1

    Notebook: Page number 1

    Here are instructions to write and illustrate the 1st page of your notebook.

    1) Write your first name and your family name in the top left-hand corner.

    2) Write your class in the top right-hand corner

    3) Write the title in the middle of your notebook: MY ENGLISH NOTEBOOK

    4) Under the title, glue or draw a picture of the English, American, Australian... world of your choice.

    5) In the bottom left-hand corner, write the name of your school and the city.

    6) In the bottom right-hand corner, write the name of your teacher (me: Miss Alary)


    HELP arf

    Notebook: Page number 1

    From: emery.tistory.com

    Here is an example of 1st page:

    See you soon!

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