• This is the list of irregular verbs I gave you at the start of the year. If you ever lose it, you can now print it from your own computer:

  • Dear 5emes,

    this is the model we made in class to write the letter to your pen pal:

    Write the letter to your pen pal

  • Dear 4°A & B

    This is the link to your Listening Comprehension: Maria

    Here are the instructions:

  • Dear 5ºD&E,

    This is the exercice you must do for next time. It comes from your English book: English Vibes (2 p°23)

    Exercice for next time

     La photo apparaît à l'envers et je ne parviens pas à la faire pivoter. Il suffit de cliquer sur l'image pour qu'elle apparaisse dans le bon sens.

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